Our wine list changes daily as we are a boutique winery producing small batches,  so please call ahead if you are coming to the winery for a specific wine.

Table White $13.99 - Semi-Dry. Delicately fragrant and mildly floral with lightly lemon citrus flavors, Table White is tangy, yet full bodied and compliments poultry, seafood and fish meal.

Wells Lake White $12.99 - Semi-Dry. This may be the perfect wine for food pairing. It is crisp, light and dances off your tongue..

Crantastic $10.99 - Semi-Sweet. Light-bodied, easy drinking and maybe the perfect summer wine. It can easily be paired with your favorite grilled dishes and without any oak aging, it is meant to be enjoyed while still young. So drink up! We’ll make more.

Peach $12.99 - Semi-Sweet. A flavorful wine with peach and apricot infusion that invigorates your taste buds while pleasing your palate. Refreshingly paired with pork tenderloin. Enjoy it in it’s youth anytime of the day.

Green Apple $9.99 - Semi-Sweet. The Riesling base blends perfectly with the lively apple notes that are one of Rieslings delightful trademarks. Clean, and crisp – a wonderful balance of apple flavor with the slight acidity and firm character of the Riesling grape.

Spinning Jenny - $18.95 - Semi-Sweet. Jenny makes any occasion special. A luxurious blend of Riesling, Brianna, Vidal and LaCresent.

Pucker Up, Lemon wine $13.69 - Semi-Sweet. Refreshing lemon wine that is best served chilled. This thirst-quenching beverage is perfect for outdoor Summer gatherings and parties. Be careful, though, it sneaks up on you.

Ruffed Grouse Red  $14.99 - Semi-Dry
. A semi-sweet fruity blend with medium body, little oak and brilliant color. Can be enjoyed with lighter fare en tree’s of stews, deli meats, hot dogs or burgers.

Carnal Red $14.99 - Semi-Dry. A semi-dry varietal with medium oak and body, great balance and deep color with hints of blackberry, plums, spice and licorice. We enjoy it most with wild game but let us know your favorite pairing.

Rose Lake Red $14.99 - Semi-Dry.  A big, voluptuous, fruity blend that is heavily oaked, deep in color, almost jammy yet finishes with a good tannic bite. This wine stands up well to hearty foods such a pizza, lasagna or even Szechuan beef.

Velvet Blue $11.99 - Semi-Sweet. This light, medium bodied, cherry-spice flavored Pinot Noir makes an excellent base wine for adding a tangy yet sweet burst of blueberry infusion. Enhance the flavor by pairing with spicy main courses like chili or taco’s to traditional appetizers.

Blushing Babe $12.99 - Semi-Sweet. An easy, smooth blush wine to be enjoyed with friends at any occasion.  Pairs well with simple appetizers.

Sweet Cherry $22.99 - Sweet. Big and bold, our 100% cherry wine delivers a hearty flavor that enhances any fine dinner. Perfect for sipping and sharing with friends.

Leahy’s “True Blue” Blueberry $17.69 - 100% blueberries with a delicate balance of sweetness & acidity that makes it tingle your tongue.  Perfect for sipping with friends.

Amor Amore Amour $21.99 - A proprietary blend crafted from the finest juice available and incorporating only natural raspberry flavors and chocolate essences. The intense flavors will linger and stay on your palate and your mind. 5% residual sweetness) with a hint of oak.