Glen Grape Zinger

An unknown and untitled native Concord that was likely bred and crossed in the hills just outside Leroy by Harold Zinger. Harolds home and garden was purchased by Glen Burt in 2001, our winemaker began caring for the vines in 2002 and began propagating them on his own land in 2003. This particular wine made by Kevin was chosen as the best semi-dry red at the MI state fair five years running from 2004-2009 until governor Granholm cancelled the fair in Detroit that same year. This wine has a very unique taste profile that appeals to both sweet and dry wine drinkers. It has that familiar “foxy,” or grapey fruit flavor at first but its unique spiciness unfolds on the back of your tongue until the final soft tannins slightly dry out your mouth and makes your mind wish for another sip. The Glen grape Zinger can be enjoyed chilled to mute the spiciness or room temp where it unfolds its many layers. Leahy’s Rock Vineyard currently has two rows of roughly 60 of these vines while propagating many more each year.